Y + X iPhone4 Protective Guard


Supreme Quality of Material from Japan.

Easy Apply and Remove

Easy Apply: Y+X screen guard glossy Adhesive Coating surface highly simulates the texture of the iPhone LCD screen enables Bubble-Free when it is applied.

Remove: Silicon Adhesive Coating (non-glue): Guaranty no residue leaves on LCD when removing the Y+X LCD guard.

4H hardness: Anti-Scratch by using superme Quality PET Material from Japan.

UV Protection: Isolate 99% UV to and from LCD screen to reduce the strain of your eyes.

Thickness (mm)

  • 0.19 ±10%


  • 4H

Transperancy (HD model only)

  • 97%

Heat Resistance

  • 130°C for 2 hours

Operating Temperature

  • 80°C (max.)

Layers Structure

  • Note: this illustration does NOT INCLUDE PVC protector sheet for the UV Hardcoating Layer, there is a PVC protective sheet on top of the UV Hardcoating Layer for all Y+X LCD screen guard for the maximum protection.

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